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Bridgewater Camden Aurora Highlands
Bridgewater Camden Aurora Highlands


Explore Bridgewater Homes Aurora Highlands with Leah Celler

Welcome to Bridgewater Homes Aurora Highlands

Leah Celler, who lives just minutes away, is eager to show you the stunning Camden model in Aurora Highlands. You can personalize your home’s style, making it uniquely yours. Additionally, these luxurious properties are crafted to reflect your personal taste, making each choice significant.

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Customize Your Dream Home in Aurora Highlands

At Bridgewater, you have the power to decide the interior details like floors, colors, and cabinets. Furthermore, they ensure every aspect of your living space fits your style perfectly, thereby creating an environment that feels uniquely yours in Aurora Highlands.

Home Design

The Camden model features an open layout that connects the living room to the master bedroom effortlessly. Moreover, it boasts a large kitchen island, high ceilings, and bright lights that make the home welcoming and airy. Thus, it enhances your living experience significantly in the Aurora Highlands community.

Master Bedroom Features

The master bedroom in this Bridgewater property is spacious and filled with light, complete with high ceilings and large windows. It leads to a chic bathroom with sleek black faucets and round mirrors. In addition, a large closet connects directly to the laundry room, providing exceptional convenience. This arrangement simplifies your daily routine.

Entertainment Options

The basement is perfectly set up for fun. It includes a bar area for parties and a comfortable place for games or TV. Furthermore, the home theater room is ideal for movie nights or cheering on your favorite sports teams, creating a perfect entertainment space. This area serves as a fantastic retreat for both family and guests in the Aurora Highlands.

Amenities in Aurora Highlands

The Aurora Highlands community offers everything you could need. Soon, there will be schools, a water park, a hospital, parks, an ice rink, and more. Consequently, you’ll find all your needs met right within your community, enhancing your lifestyle significantly. Moreover, these amenities contribute to a vibrant, active community life in Bridgewater Homes Aurora Highlands.

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